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Women’s Health

Full examination for women’s health.

Cervical Smear tests – cervical smear tests show if there are abnormal changes in cells on the surface of the cervix. Cervical cancers are caused by HPV a sexually transmitted infection. It affects almost all people during their lives.

Only some types of HPV will lead to abnormal cell changes that could progress to cancer.

Having regular smears every 3 years is the best way of finding and treating these changes. All women between the age of 20 -70 who have ever been sexually active should have regular smear tests.

We offer this service performed either by a Doctor or Nurse. Link to national cervical screening programme.

Breast screening- The risk of breast cancer increases as you get older. A mammogram can show changes before anything can be seen or felt. A free mammogram for women aged between 45-69 years is offered every two years through breast screen Aotearoa. For further information and to book ring 0800270200 or click here.

Contraceptive advice and insertion of intra uterine devices and the Jadelle Implants are also advice done at the surgery.

There is a commitment to updating skills and knowledge by attending targeted education programmes.